A picture leaked realistic review US phone +Galaxy S10 with two cameras in the front


Scheduled Samsung press conference at the 20th day of February next at the city of San Francisco, an event where you’re supposed to say Samsung is detects series phones Galaxy S10 Series New, including the +Galaxy S10 with four cameras in the back, two in the hole at the level of the screen.

We still have to wait about a month before we see Samsung officially reveal these phones, but have already appeared a picture leaked realistic phone +Galaxy S10 on the internet. This leaked picture of the new confirming the validity of previous rumors that stated that the phone +Galaxy S10 will indeed put two cameras in the front, and exactly in the hole in the top-right corner of the screen, while it seems the screen frame is thinner compared with the +Galaxy S9.


+Galaxy S10 that appears in these images the theme of the inside of the protective cover, but this picture is still good enough to know that the rumors that we’ve had in the past about the design of the +Galaxy S10 was honest. It is likely that this picture was taken on the bus transporting people to and from the campus of Suwon where there are major utilities to buy Samsung. As has been already mentioned, it has been put the phone in a protective covering to hide the design until the last moment.

It is reported that the phone +Galaxy S10 is lighter than the Galaxy Note 9 in spite of the fact that they come in the same size. Returning to the previous reports, phone +Galaxy S10 will also sensor fingerprint works ultrasonic. Apart from that, these are the main differences between the +Galaxy S10 and +Galaxy S9 that was released last year.


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