A picture leaked clear phone +HTC U12

The subject image leaked clear phone +HTC U12 appeared on Engadget.

I’ve featured a range of new leaked photos on the page of HTC Taiwan News Update on Facebook to reveal all parts of the phone HTC’s new flagship HTC U12+ which sounds amazing.

Know that the photo the screen of the phone which looks big and shiny and does not have any protrusion, and the ratio of its dimensions to 18:9, This In addition to having Dual Camera back with Flash LED sensor fingerprint.

Is on the bottom of the Phone USB-C port and a loudspeaker, and there is also a button to power on the left side the degree of SIM card in the right side. There is no headphone port of 3.5 mm on the phone, but with a USB-C port, we can use it as an adapter for headphones.


Let the leaks also said that the phone will contain the screen of 5.99 inches accurately QHD+, in addition to random memory capacity of 6 GB and the internal memory another with a capacity of 256 GB, and the Processor Snapdragon 845. Coming Dual Camera accurately 12 mega pixel camera + 16 megapixel sensor with IMX3xx from Sony,

This is in addition to the front camera accurately 8 mega pixels. Also mentions that the phone will contain an internal battery with a capacity of 3420 mAh standard IP68 waterproof and dust, as he will technically Face Unlock وEdge Sense 2.0 operation system Android oreo version 8.0 وSense 10. It is expected that there will be a version of the phone supports a port Dual SIM.



The subject image leaked clear phone +HTC U12 appeared on Engadget.

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