A phone with a front facing camera in the screen appears in public


Yesterday, the company Huawei suspense for the coming of a new smartphone featuring a screen with a hole in the upper left corner for the front camera similar to the Galaxy A8S-screen Infinity-O that use Samsung’s turn to announce it in the near future. In line with this, it has been today published a picture of smart phone is similar in by one of the persons in the trailer one of the subway trains in China.

It is by taking a look deep in the picture, we can see the camera lens in the top left corner where the notifications appear. There is no cut in the screen, but can cover the protective hide some of them. While it seems that the front camera resides within the screen, you’ll have to wait until the picture appears clearer.

If the phone is already owned Huawei and the person who uses it is probably the employees in the Chinese company, it is good to see port headphones 3.5 mm available in this phone. And some of the sources that this phone will be is Huawei Nova 4, because the new models of this series are released usually in the month of December of each year.



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