A patent reveals the design potential for the Huawei flagship killer

According to the usual Huawei it stops the ad from the dead. 30 in the end of 2019, it is true that we don’t know much about the series upcoming phones, but a new patent reveals the design of its potential.

Proposed as a series Dead 20, the new design features 3 cameras background but horizontally, not yet confirmed the function of all of them, but from The Shape of the sensor right conclude that it supports the new technique to zoom in to ten times without losing in quality, it is assumed that the sensor works Central as a camera key and left as wide-angle, and left the cameras there is a laser system to adjust the auto focus and LED flash.

Came design the horizontal shape of the cameras to leave space for the screen background at the bottom, which is expected to operate permanently; to the exposure of information such as time and weather, as it is supposed to allow some of the settings and controls in the media, and certainly the screen in the back of the phone will provide the users to enjoy the benefits of rear cameras in selfies.

As for the interface, the phone comes with a screen similar completely without dialogue with Knott’s so small you barely notice, and it seems from the pictures that it was to replace the front camera sensor for on the face three dimensionally, in addition to the support property of a fingerprint through the screen.

Still needs a new design port headset 3.5 mm, the external speakers at the bottom, and the USB-C port, also added a button on the side of the phone next to the volume control buttons and operation, and that a dedicated camera.

As with all patents, there is no guarantee that the Unlock Huawei this phone, but in the case decided to mark the Chinese release they have the opportunity to test the market in limited quantities in the beginning, and if the results are satisfactory it will end up to apply to the new generation of series Dead 30, or keep it for phones leading the continent in 2020.

Finally, in case you decide Huawei has launched as a luxury, it is expected to be of the design described in the patent is a copy of dead normal, while The comes Pro version with the OLED screen curved of the parties, as is the case in the P30 Pro, may be abandoning the headphone port, and adds sensor improves the image in the portrait.

In the end, a series P30 on the verge of emerging, may reveal more surprises.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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