A patent from Samsung phone full screen and sensitive fingerprint built-in

براءة اختراع من سامسونج لهاتف بشاشة كاملة وحساس بصمة مدمج بها

Approaching the announcement date of the Galaxy Note 9, but maybe reports of the new talk Samsung further detects a new patent from the company for a full and sensitive fingerprint built by the company itself.

According to the scheme existing in the patent is approved by the US Patent, the phone shows up without the edges of the substrate with the edge of the very thin in the upper area, where you have to hear as it sounds but it does not bear any signs of the presence of the camera in the phone interface.

Shows planned also the presence of a camera in the back with a sign for the community down there is no any hints about using it, as the phone appears with the entrance of the speaker and the tweeter, but without a hint about its form.

The reports have talked about the expense of print as a built-in screen Galaxy Note 9, but it seems that the planned further than any have this phone, so that it looks for is work for the future.

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