A patent from Samsung for a phone screen, met the FAO

براءة اختراع من سامسونج لهاتف بشاشة قابلة للف

In spite of her suffering with the launch of the phone which protects the screen of folding after watching the demo version and not identified any date to launch it officially, can Samsung working on different techniques in the field of smart phones, most recently was what appeared in the patent for adjustable wrap.

And when you see the design of the phone, it appears at first glance to call traditional, but the patent suggests that it has a flexible screen that can roll on the path of the roller; meaning that the phone in the normal position will the size of the ordinary, but then he can obtain greater length by dragging the screen up, which means that part of the screen will be inside the phone in the form of “roll” in case no user can lifted him up to become level with the basic screen.

Maybe shows that it impossible for some particular thing with no launch company for its folding up, but actually it is not so, because there TV screens are the FAO in the form of “roll” will appear this year from LG and that the technology is there, I have a Samsung too, but she didn’t know about the launch of any product based on them until now. So the screens removable wrap in phones would happen, but it will need several years to become a reality.

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