A patent from Apple for a new wearable to measure blood pressure

براءة اختراع من آبل لجهاز جديد قابل للارتداء لقياس ضغط الدم

Put the Apple TV itself at the forefront of companies that care about health and education tools and systems help users to keep them informed about the state of their health, where they provide numerous tools and sensors in its devices for this task, however, her work did not stop at this limit.

Has shown a new patent has been evaluated by the company in the U.S. Patent Office for a new device to monitor and measure blood pressure through internal accounts help to measure the pressure very accurately.

According to the application submitted by Apple to the patent, the new device will contain several cells or internal accounts will measure the pressure, as is the image that’s wrapped around the company the device looks like a regular clock and has a screen and Bluetooth, despite being separate from but can be complementary.

In one way or another, the device is similar with companies like Fitbit but it is a separate stand-alone to provide specific functions, so it is not certain that the company gets the patent rights in the case of the device was the same fully with other devices, but the police will be able to put her computer in case it contains something separate from the rest of the wearable devices in the market.


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