A partnership between Upwork Microsoft to bring Microsoft 365 Freelance Toolkit

شراكة بين Upwork ومايكروسوفت لجلب حزمة Microsoft 365 Freelance Toolkit

Announced UpWork one of the largest platforms free work from a new partnership signed with Microsoft in order to bring the tools of Microsoft 365 Freelance Toolkit for free to its platform that requires more and more years ago.

And is pack Microsoft 365 Freelance Toolkit custom from Microsoft for free and was developed and launched last year to help companies organize and select remote employees better, which will make Upwork business customers who are looking for access to the owners of efficiency.

Microsoft has even endured its package cloud for free in December last year to 2018, and quickly adopted by companies, but came Upwork day availability on a large scale for many companies that operate on the product without the need for the participation of External with Microsoft.

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