A partnership between Samsung and Qualcomm to develop technology and equipment fifth-generation

شراكة بين سامسونج وكوالكوم لتطوير تقنيات ومعدات الجيل الخامس

Held Qualcomm today announced a conference to reveal her therapist for the intermediate category and the latest technology fifth generation, has announced through a new partnership with Samsung in the field of 5G technologies to develop and manufacture cells and chip was the fifth generation for commercial purposes.

The aim of this partnership is to develop what is known as the cells of the small “Small Cells”, which are the necessary things to connect devices to the fifth generation and companies together, these cells resemble a shoe box to some extent and are installed on light poles or on the edge of buildings and huge advertisements, and to link the networks of the fifth generation and transfer of data using beams of radio, where contain antenna “Antena” to send and receive data and analysis, These are considered the cells of the fundamentals of networks of the fifth generation general.

And Qualcomm’s radio technology and the new fifth generation ” 5G New Radio”, providing different frequencies to transfer data across the network, it will be on Samsung to provide solutions to those technical and micro-mirrors to be used and supply them in devices fifth generation.

The partnership between Samsung and Qualcomm to develop the techniques and equipment of the fifth generation appeared first on the tech world.

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