A partnership between Microsoft and Sony to develop games, cloud and broadcast the content

What I read in the title, right, yeah, Sony and Microsoft announcing a new company and surprise its main goal the detection and development of cloud solutions for content games online.

The agreement between the two companies Company confirms that Sony will use the solutions to the Microsoft Cloud Microsoft Azure services, games and broadcast its own content and this will help in creating a complete entertainment experience for players.

Also the convention provides that the parties are committed to the development of sensor-images and techniques of artificial intelligence and better tools for players and also for semiconductors.

While not announcing further details of this partnership, however, the head of Microsoft Satya Nadella stated in his statement that this partnership will give the two companies a new power to the players as chairman of the senior Yoshida to Microsoft since the time of the trap trade Strong Bad and this partnership will support the games to the level of sophisticated and New.


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