A partnership between DHL and Magenta to help traders in the Middle East and North Africa

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Group today announced that Deutsche Post DHL the global leader in express shipping services international for its cooperation with the Magenta Magento, a global leader in the field of innovation in digital Commerce, and cloud computing, as a key partner of the company, and this partnership enables my company DHL, magenta, and offer a wide range of shipping services to e-commerce, small and medium enterprises, startups, and Entrepreneurs via the internet in the Middle East and North Africa.

A study conducted by Gartner indicated that only 15 percent of companies in the region have a presence on the internet in 90 percent of online shopping include products imported from outside the region.

It also describes the results of the study enormous growth potential for e-commerce and retailers across the internet in the region, and study also a system of reliable delivery as one of the key areas that should be on the e-merchants to focus on to drive business growth in the Middle East and North Africa.

Said Nour Sulaiman, CEO of DHL Express Middle East and North Africa: “with the transformation of the orientation towards consumer markets and the growing use of the channels of e-commerce by SMEs in the Middle East and North Africa, we see enormous potential in our partnership with platform magnet, we look forward to providing e-merchants on the platform mcginty options shipping reliable and flexible to help them deliver exceptional Experiences to customers.”

Said John Pearson, CEO Europe and Chairman, Department of Marketing global de H. L. Express: “magnet link traders, shoppers, DHL, connecting shoppers see, this cooperation between us will allow to find the magnetic properties, a leader in global shipping and the advantages of Value Added of D. H. l that connects shoppers set easily and flexibly”.

The acceptance of a partnership mcginty reaffirms the determination of the group Deutsche Post DHL to be the leading global provider of logistics services for e-commerce, and the group includes more global companies in the world, and is present in 220 countries and territories, allowing online shopping to take advantage of the global reach unprecedented for the group to implement e-commerce strategy of their own.

You will be able to online retailers-dealers through the platform magnet of choose from a wide range of services DHL company, where he is expected to stop the partnership over time to include a growing range of parcel services and the rapid growth of shipping and other logistics services offered by the sections de H. L. is different.

Said Marc Leonard, Senior Vice President of strategy and growth in the company mcginty: “no longer trade simply click the Buy button, and we are looking to interview their clients at any place they want to connect and buy and receive their purchases through a partnership with DHL, will be able to trade participants deliver experiences optimized for the customers and develop their business by providing their clients the options of fast charging and convenient that they expect”.

As a key partner, will continue to DHL with a business through the employment of strategy to the characteristics of the magnet and the core management of the organizations, in addition, will buy the DHL an opportunity to educate the traders about best practices of the integration of shipping and how to increase cross-border shipping cross-community Magenta website, online seminars, and sector thought leadership, and events including the Imagine وMagentoLive, and in individual meetings, will be able to DHL also early access to the maps of your route in Magenta in order to improve integration processes and the experience of trade.

Said John Pearson: “we are particularly excited about the potential of shipping with mcginty, and we’ll incorporate the latest solutions to our Shipping In this framework, we enjoy a history of work with technology partners leading like a magnet, and will maintain our leading position globally only through innovation and adoption of new technologies, mcginty a leader in the field of technology, e-commerce, and DHL is a global leader in logistics, it is certain that our cooperation will benefit the two institutions – most importantly, the customer in electronic commerce”.

A partnership between DHL and Magenta to help traders in the Middle East and North Africa

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