A painting painted by artificial intelligence exchange at a price hard to believe

The system of artificial intelligence painted a picture of a portrait (the art of drawing people) on canvas, depicting a fictional character called Edmond de Bellamy, to be displayed in the art market the traditional “Christie” in New York City.

The price of the painting was expected to be between $7,000-$10,000 depending on the price sold by the panel family Bellamy who is Edmond of one of its members.

Feet stated on the auction the painting, saying “here is the future is here,” in reference to the color of the painted system of artificial intelligence developed looking Google Ian Goodfellow, where the feeding system for 15,000 image of the portrait painted between the Fourteenth and fifteenth century.

Having studied the system boards Porter’s classic, you know of the same concept and rules of drawing a portrait to see the color and by the end its his signature: [(((min G max D x [log (D(x))] + z [log(1 – D (G(z he part of the code of the algorithm that produced it.

Although the contours of the Edmond de Bellamy wasn’t clear, I missed the conflict by 5 bidders until it is done buy someone’s betting through art -did not disclose his identity – at a price of $432,000 (1,620,129 SAR).

System Obvious the owner of the artificial intelligence system that draw a painting consisting of three French already onto 11 plate family it global sale, each priced at between $ 7,000 and$-10,000$ is their experience that they began a new era of art, depends on the artificial intelligence systems.

Source: Daily Mail

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