A new web application for notes and lists are coming to Google

تطبيق ويب جديد للملاحظات والقوائم قادم إلى مساعد قوقل

Pointed out some of the codes reached a team of site 9to5Google that there is a web application for lists, notes, Special Assistant Google has not been announced; and the user will be able to add notes that you want synced with other devices that it uses, without relying on third-party apps as is usual in such cases, not related to the function of the app by adding some of the titles of any that would be within the scope of the basics.

Not yet known if Google will release the app will be in the scope of the service, or is it a fleeting experience of the company in the presence of blogging services and conservation, such as Google Keep or Google Tasks, which in time will prove where the application area some users, especially dipped in the Encyclopedia of Google services, where they will see it useless and not worth to have as a standalone to those powers only, and does not deny that some might benefit in the case of all.

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