A new way to 100% guaranteed to watch the 2018 World Cup with ease !

The World Cup is on his way to the final, we can’t miss this big wedding just because you couldn’t get the surfer is free to watch, and here comes the idea that you need to pay for viewing and follow-up to the World Cup, and because the prices exceed the capacity of the viewers where they start from 10 and to the top, thus providing the surfer IPTV per 24 hours over just one dollar for World Cup.

As I said in the introduction, given the high prices here is the solution to watch the 2018 World Cup only a dollar 1$ pay in order to get the server every 24 hours contains all of the ducts for the big event.

Of course, the way you communicate will be via this e-mail. worldcupmax@gmail.com through a letter requesting the subscription, and which have throughout the World Cup, get a new server every 24 hours, includes all channels the global airline of the World Cup, on top of channels beIN Sport max HD without any cut of the ticket, so that that Server be in use by one person only and is you.

Of course, for the details of the other you can get it also via e-mail phenomenon down there, and it’s guaranteed 100%, in the case that something’s wrong and peace returns quickly without any problems.

The e-mail mentioned


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