A new vulnerability browser Chrome let hack into remote computers

Advises Google users browser famous Chrome updated to latest version copy the desktop, after having addressed a serious security vulnerability allows hacking into computers systems of Windows, Mac and Linux remotely.

Impact of these vulnerabilities on the devices operating systems Windows and Mac and Linux only and do not affect the systems of the smart phones Android and iOS, and may allow hackers to run code remotely, which means their ability to install malware or steal important data and bypass security systems on computers.

Affected most by this problem are the government and large companies that may be in great danger because the amount of sensitive data and the possible theft of her efforts she was targeted, but there is still a significant risk to ordinary users too.

Supposed to says browser Google Chrome updates itself to the latest version automatically if you activated this feature, but you need to check manually from Settings > About Chrome, where the last version with the number 76.0.3809.132.

Source: Center for Internet Security

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