A new virus steals user data cryptocell using screenshots

Cryptomathic promote the spread of a new type of malware designed to steal information from cryptocurrency wallets. The ThreatLabZ team of company Zscaler identified the virus type remote access Trojan or RAT (Remote Access Trojan) and gave him the name InnfiRAT. According to preliminary information, the Trojan can steal personal data of the user of crypto, so that later the hacker can use the passwords.

Danger on cyberfront

Malware is one of the most serious threats to the stock market. Hackers never sleep and are always trying to steal money from unsuspecting users. In April of this year, the information security company Malwarebytes has released a report which identified two basic ways of illegal earnings cryptocurrency — hidden mining and exploitation of vulnerabilities in security systems designed to work with crypt.

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In Zscaler warn of growing risk from a new Trojan InnfiRAT. The virus is written in a programming language .NET and it can steal users ‘ personal information cryptocell. In the high-risk group — the users of Bitcoin and Litecoin. Trojan also steals browser cookies, reads the password and saves the user’s session.

The most dangerous — innfiRAT able to capture screenshots of open Windows for extracting information. That is, if you wrote a login for access or other data, the program most likely it will fix. At the same time it checks other running applications on the infected system.

InnfiRAT can interfere with the operation of other programs, including antivirus applications. The stolen data virus redirects in the “command center”, and then goes into standby mode until further notice hacker.

Such threats are not new to seasoned users of crypto-currencies. For example, in October 2018, the head of Mac & Mobile Malwarebytes Thomas reed published information about the virus “running line”, which when run on the victim’s computer ran slow EvilOSX and EggShell. It is noteworthy that the targets of hackers and then failed to install.

Source: Reddit

One of our editors also came under the scope of cyberhawks. Unknown failed to login to his account on HitBTC, but thanks to the quick change of password theft of funds was prevented.

Tips to avoid becoming easy prey for hackers in the future. Do not participate in schemes where you immediately offer a very large income in the shortest possible time. With a probability of 100 percent is the usual divorce. Don’t click suspicious links or open emails from the crooks.

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