A new update to apply the Duo brings some changes in the interface of the application

A new update to apply the Duo provides from Google with some improvements in the user experience in the interface of the application, where this update is available for app users on the platform. Andorid and iOS.


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The Duo of Google make video calls, or live video content, or send video messages and audio messages to Contacts on the application of the Duo.

The monitoring site Android Police recently update to the investigation, offers users a new form to select contacts in the application, and identify the entities that will be broadcast video content to it or others for video calls or messages.

It also includes change through the choice of the recipient when making video calls, wherein the application of the Duo in previous settings require the selection tab of the video or audio in the beginning and then choose the contact person, contrary to the new update you can select contact person in the beginning and then choose the method of communication between broadcast video or make video calls, or voice call.

Also in the new update for the messages can be sent directly by scrolling to the bottom of the application interface, as Will the user have a choice to make video calls or voice directly when scrolling, and you can also choose to send messages to 5 contacts to call at the same time.


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