A new update for the phone OnePlus 6 brings with it many additions, improvements and fixes

OnePlus 6 123

Just a few days ago, I started the Chinese version of the phone OnePlus 6 to receive update HydrogenOS 5.1.6 which adds some of the features that was planned to get this phone and helped in the stability of the overall system. Now, the company OnePlus to issue the same update for global phone OnePlus 6.

This new update carries the version OxygenOS 5.1.6, brings with it mode Portrait Mode to the front camera as well as the effect of Light bokeh effects Effect, and again to put the Portrait Mode but for rear camera only. Additions include other notable display battery percentage in the status bar, the possibility to schedule the Do not disturb mode ” Do Not Disturbβ€œ, dual support for networks fourth generation 4G in the SIM and network settings. Moreover, there is also now answer smart Bluetooth devices with this feature allow Auto-Answer on incoming calls when connected to Bluetooth device with your phone, such as headphones for example.

Will be pleased most of us see it has been fixed a range of pesky bugs in this new update, such as the problem with the volume level of the ringing tone, and improve image quality, improve the quality of calls, as well as improving the efficiency of energy consumption and improve the stability of the operating system.

We can see that some of the problems that we wrote about has been solved, but we wonder about the number of remaining problems that have not been fixed yet in this update. Maybe you can try to explore it yourself after you download and install this update on the phone for 6 your.


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