A new update for Google Fit support the development of GPS, a new provider of energy in the hours WearOS smart

WearOS - Google Fit - TicWatch Pro

WearOS not the operating system custom hardware removable wear most common in the market currently. I passed both Apple and Samsung in the Apple company, Google in this aspect. Battery life was a concern and a weakness when it comes to watches smart supported system WearOS, but should be on the previous smart TicWatch Pro note some improvements at the level of the battery with the new update for Google Fit.

This update provides support for GPS new consumes less amount of energy which helps in improving the battery capacity during the tracking exercise. Although Google didn’t mention exactly what other smart watches are not TicWatch Pro that will support this feature, but it is reported that if the smart watches manufactured by other companies to support the requirements, you’ll be able to IS other to take advantage of this feature.

” Allowing the new update to Google Fit for a smart TicWatch Pro to be more efficient in using the battery while running Google Fit. Varies the amount of energy that has been supplied in accordance with each site, but users will feel an improvement in battery life in most cases. “

There is no percentage or certain amount of energy that is provided, but should use their clock in order to exercise see a noticeable improvement on the level of battery life. Hope to see more of smart watches equipped with WearOS support the development of GPS new, energy-efficient.


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