A new study reveals that Tablet the iPad may be bad for the health of the neck


There have been some studies in the past that have shown that the use of the smartphone more than necessary may cause the harm done. neck. This is because of the pressure and stress which you put them on your neck while you talk to your phone, which is very bad especially during the meetings of the long use.

Now turns out that smart phones are not alone doing it. A new study researchers at the University of Nevada have been published recently that tablet and iPad bad also your neck which referred to the disease as ” the neck of the iPad “. According to the study, it was found these researchers that this affects users for young vs users old, and apparently this affects more females compared to males.

According to the professor of physiotherapy Szu-Ping Lee, lead author of the study, it has stated by saying : ” this increasing prevalence of symptoms of neck and shoulders, especially among young people, represents a heavy burden on society. The results are not surprising when you think that the use of tablets differs from smartphones, where you may use the tablet more for watching videos for long periods of time due to the fact that they contain larger screens, unlike the smart phones are smaller “.

What can be done about it? We assume that there’s not much you can do except get some support, like a good chair or maybe use the tablet at a comfortable level. Alternatively, you can also try to reduce the amount of time you spend using the tablet, which is trying to Apple to do with luxury features digital built-in iOS 12.


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