A new startup will help patients with diabetes to do without the drug

Founder of Trulia real estate, not so long ago got sick. After this he was cured and then set a goal to help other patients. So a company Virta Health based Themselves Incinta. He said that his company is able to help people with diabetes of the second type without the use of drugs.

GI themselves actively involved in sports and lead a healthy lifestyle, but it did not save him from the diagnosis of pre-diabetes, a precursor of an underlying disease. Large role played by nutrition and genetics, so that even athletes are not immune. GI began to study everything he could do to fight his illness. The mainstay of treatment was diet, and it worked.

Company Virta Health was created by Themselves Incinta to people with type II diabetes could gain access to all the knowledge and tools that he used the GI for treatment. The main tool are the medical professionals with whom customers can communicate remotely with a text and video chat.

The second tool is the ketogenic diet. This low-carbon diet. It consists of foods high in fat such as eggs, salmon, meat and avocado. Strictly limited to rice, potatoes, bread, fruits and sweets. GI was in awe of this diet.

To access all the Health services People will have to pay $ 500. Each additional month of treatment will cost $ 200. US residents can obtain free access, subject to the availability of health insurance from the employer.

For the money experts Virta ensure that their patients to keep a diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. They do it remotely. Does it help? The study showed that a year is 12% of the patients reduced the use of insulin and reduce your weight. Another group who adhere to classical methods of treatment, did not demonstrate changes. However, the study was funded Virta Health and written by people with a stake in the company, so you should treat it critically.

And yet the idea of using the ketogenic diet for diabetes came out of nowhere. Some studies do confirm the improved control of blood sugar levels.

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