A new screen from Dell work as a TV and replace the blackboard Chapter.. 75-inch touch screen and accurately 4K

Revealed Dell Dell electronics for a new screen, led by 75-inch, touch screen, and accurately 4K, can be used as a TV, high resolution, coupled with its effective use as an alternative to the board in the classroom.

Launched Del on the screen by the name of “interactive touch screen” C7520QT, which supports multi-touch on 20 points, what means that it can be more than one person to use together at the same time, also can handle touch screen with fingers or the Pen Stylus Pen.

The formation of the screen of the Dell also feature “of the Dell Screen Drop”, which allows users to use the buttons on the side of the screen to easily switch between three different settings to adjust the heights of the screen.

Select the Dell on April 30, the next date for the expulsion of screen on the market, which will keep the price of 6 thousand dollars is almost (about 110 thousand Egyptian pounds approximately), and comes attached by two pens multi-touch.

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