A new scandal .. beware! , Facebook pool record of your calls and SMS messages for years

Facebook responded to that by saying it’s natural that the up app to record phone calls when you download contacts to apps social.

Since starting the social networking site Facebook before 14 years, never facing the Black days like now, after the scandal of privacy relating to the Cambridge Analytica, which is still the talk of the hour around the world, there seems to be another scandal began its loom.

It has been discovered users, pushing their support to those being made these days, and its international companies and people are the closest people to facebook, such as the co-founder of the service of instant messaging WhatsApp, to delete the Facebook app from their devices, the company gathered since the years of the call records and data SMS text messages from Android devices.

Many Twitter users find months or years of data, the call log information in a data file Facebook-negotiable which includes all the data you store company on their accounts.

He said one of those users, named Matt Johnson: “wow! The ZIP file Facebook account deleted contains information about every phone call or text message you made a year ago.”. Found another that the data collected by Facebook to the records of the calls show that the focus was on the family.

According to the website Ars Technica that Facebook is requesting authorized access to contacts, data, text messages, and call log on Android devices to improve the algorithm of the recommendations of friends and between the contacts for work and those that it collects with the user’s relationship to a real friendship.

The newly started Facebook know users a choice is allowed, if the user activates it, lifting information from your contacts such as phone numbers, aliases and logs calls and text messages, and so on. The streets company that helps friends to find some on Facebook also helps her to provide a good experience for all users.

Although this option and include information that shows that, refers to the website Ars Technica that Facebook had done so for years, and in that time it wasn’t Android able to deal honestly with the permissions requested by the applications. After that the system became more stringent, still developers can bypass it and continue to have access to data, calls and SMS even stopped Google from activating the Application Programming Interface API Android old in the month of October.

For its part, responded to the Facebook for the users by saying it’s natural that the up app to record phone calls when you download contacts to apps social. Says a spokesperson for Facebook, in response to a query from Ars Technica: “so, in the first time you sign in on your phone to the Messaging app or a social app, it is common practice on a large scale to start to load your phone contacts”.

It is believed that it is incumbent on Facebook to answer some additional questions on the collection of this data, particularly in relation to when I started to do it, and what if the users of Android have they got the right data that they allow Facebook to collect had not agreed to enable access to phone SMS.

Do you think Facebook’s bad intentions when gathering contact data and messages? Share your opinion the comments.


Source: new scandal … watch it!! , Facebook pool record of your calls and SMS messages for years.

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