A new report talking about model Galaxy S10 three, and a phone Samsung folding

Triple Camera Galaxy

Been today to talk in detail about the plans of Samsung for the first half of next year by some sources familiar with plans of the South Korean company, who spoke with the site of Bloomberg.

The report reveals that Samsung is working on three models of the Galaxy S10, one of them the phone will be compatible with the 5G, and plans to reveal her smart phone foldable as well. According to this report, will comprise the series phones Galaxy S10 of three phones so that it will the first phone screen AMOLED curved the staff size of 5.8 inch and three cameras in the back of the lens on the ordinary and the close proximity, as well as sensor fingerprints on the screen, the front camera below the screen. For phone II, it will come to the same technical specifications except that it will feature a larger screen.

As for the phone the third and final, it will have the AMOLED screen is flat, it is likely to get on the sensor of the fingerprint on the side. The report does not mention the cameras that will get this phone, but we expect to include cameras or only one camera at the back.

As for the smartphone rollaway, it was explained that the report that Samsung is looking to dominate this market segment with growth potential. As you probably know, were not provided with any smart phone retractable by any company currently, despite the fact that Huawei hopes to provide her smart phone foldable first next year.

It was supposed to show the phone rollaway this year but it seems that this is not possible at the moment. Finally, the report indicates that the company Samsung is considering abandoning the separate heavens in the smart phones, high-end, but it may not do it in the end.



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