A new report suggests the release system Apple smart augmented reality in 2020

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The concept of smart glasses is not new and has been tried companies like Google use it in the past with glasses Google Glass. This doesn’t work smart glasses as she was hoping to Google, but the frequency that Apple plans something special, which he said occupied the Chinese famous Ming-Chi Kuo that it will be in the year 2020.

We have already heard in the past rumors that Apple is working on its own set of augmented reality glasses. We know that the company is very interested with augmented reality, this is clearly evident in the versions of iPhone and iOS modern, but thinking that Apple will launch a special device wearable for augmented reality look like a sudden change in strategy for Apple.

However, it was the predictions of analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is correct in the past so it is logical to be right this time also. Also, some other analysts who had predicted in the past the signing of their own where he explained many of them we’ll probably system of Apple’s smartphone in the year 2021. Details concerning these smart glasses are rare at the moment, but given what we know about glasses Google Glass Google glasses and Spectacles from the company Snap Inc, we have to wonder if project Apple has what it takes to convince the naysayers.

Anyway, still the year 2020 on after two years, things can change, so should cope with all that has been trading in this article with the least amount of protection, at least at the moment.


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