A new report suggests the arrival of the Xbox One S All Digital on the 7th day of May


Revealed the reports and leaks of countless that Microsoft is already working on a new version of the Xbox One S free of reader CD-ROM drive called the Xbox One S All Digital. We first heard about the advent of this machine a few months ago, and now here we are with a report expected to be Xbox One S All Digital by the day May 7.

Reveal Sound Marketing monitoring site Winfuture, Microsoft will give Xbox One S All Digital on sale, at least in Europe Day May 7 vs 229€. May or may not be available in the United States of America before that, but it is certain that Microsoft will be launching this device in her home country.

According to previous arrangements, the device Xbox One S All Digital will be free from the CD player, and content 4K and HDR, as it will come with 1 TB of internal memory. Apparently, this device will come with the hand of the One Wireless Controller, and preloaded with three games include Forza Horizon 3 and Minecraft and the Sea of Thieves.

As its name suggests, this device will focus on games that are downloaded via the internet which makes it appropriate for players not interested in dealing with CDs for games. In the meantime, pointed out a rumor earlier that Microsoft is planning to reveal next-generation Xbox at the annual E3 2019, note that there’s a possibility that we see two devices, one normal and the other would benefit from cloud gaming service xCloud.


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