A new report suggests the arrival of the first iPhone that supports 5G networks in 2020, with a modem from Qualcomm


A report released earlier this month, it is unlikely that Apple launched the first iPhone compatible with the 5G until the year 2021. He said that the report that Apple is facing problems in getting modem the 5G because of Legal Aid continued with Qualcomm note that the latter are supplying most of the manufacturers for Android phones with the information 5G.

The good news is that it can still Apple brought the first iPhone compatible with 5G in the year 2020 as it was defined at the outset. Yesterday, reports revealed that Apple had completed all their differences legal with Qualcomm after they reached a settlement agreement. And now, here we are with a new report from the news agency Asian Nikkei Asian Review that the settlement agreement, this means that Apple will import modems 5G for iPhone from Qualcomm, and it is highly likely that Apple launched its smart phones first compatible with 5G networks in 2020 as it was limited from the outset.

In fact, after the company announced the Intel officially announced its exit from the market modem the 5G designed for smartphones, it is no longer in front of the Apple a lot of options but to resort to solutions that few companies like Samsung, Qualcomm and MediaTek. However, given that Apple just concluded their legal battle with Qualcomm, there is a high probability that you will lead Apple to import modem the 5G from the company Qualcomm for future generations of iPhones. Of course, there are also Samsung company that owns the season Exynos 5100 5G user in the Galaxy S10 5G, but there is no enough supply to sell it also to buy Apple TV.

There are at least two companies working on the modem and 5G, the two MediaTek and UniSOC, but analysts believe they will not be able to meet the requirements of Apple’s strict adherence to the ingredients. In addition to that it is unclear whether they will have a workable solution any time soon. Thus, it remains the best bet is the return of Apple to rely on Qualcomm, especially after the Ended of each of the two companies all the legal differences between them.


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