A new report suggests the advent of the new model of Mac Pro on its design to the WWDC conference 2019

Mac Pro. Photo: Josh Valcarcel/WIRED

The conference of Apple’s annual developers WWDC 2019 will be held in the month of June next, will Apple at this event to talk mainly about the changes and additions that will be released to the operating systems, software and services. However, in the case if the report that we got today are true, it appears that Apple will also be at this event detects the new model of Mac Pro will get a different design entirely.

Apple is working on a new model of Mac Pro on its design more than two years ago, so is sure to lovers of police waiting for long to see what was Apple’s application of all these cities. Of course, the Mac Pro is not aimed at the average consumer, it is the custom Pro, just like the developers who will attend the event in large numbers, so it would be logical to detect the new model of Mac Pro at the WWDC conference 2019 despite the fact that it happened has always been involved with software.

The report issued from news agency Bloomberg that Apple may go back to manufacture the screens. The report says that there is a high probability that the company says detects the screen of its new at its annual conference for developers WWDC 2019 as well. It is estimated that this screen will support HDR and will model the size of 31.6 inches and accurately 6K.

Has not been confirmed any of it by Apple until now, so we can’t say with certainty whether this will happen in the WWDC conference 2019 or not. Generally, the conference of Apple’s annual developers will be held on the second day of June next. It is clear that there will be many important announcements related to operating systems, software and services of Apple Inc in the event too.

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