A new report suggests the advent of headphones AirPods 3 this year with noise cancellation technology

Apple Airpods

The Apple launch headphones AirPods 2 Wireless two years after the launch of the headphones AirPods original. However, reports from the supply chain that Apple is planning to launch a new model of headphones AirPods wireless later this year. And now that the headphones AirPods 3 new will arrive to the market before the end of this year is expected to have noise cancelling.

There were earlier rumors reported that the headphones AirPods 3 will be released physically in the year 2020, but the report of the New stated that he will be launching these new headsets at the end of this year instead of the year 2020. Of course, this depends on the validity of the information obtained from the supply chain, and therefore there is no certainty that we will actually hear the AirPods 3 this year.

It was reported that Apple made the decision to launch headphones AirPods 3 this year due to the climate of the new competition that arrived in the market. Thus, you have to look forward the American company to raise competition by increasing the capacity of wireless earbuds own by adding noise cancellation technology. While it is likely to affect this feature on the battery life, it would be impressive if Apple provide this feature in the middle of the small size of AirPods.

Reports have indicated again that there may be additional features related to health and fitness in headphones AirPods 3. You didn’t tell Apple anything about the next generation of AirPods at the moment, so it is not known if she was already planning to launch the AirPods 3 this year or not.

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