A new report suggests the advent of a third version of the Galaxy S10 with a screen size of 5 inch

Triple Camera Galaxy

Recently rumored that the Galaxy S10 will be the first phone flagship from Samsung comes in three different versions. The company decided to apparently do so because it will include the camera triple in the second version. And also that one of these three versions would be a cheap option because it won’t be featuring a curved screen the staff, unlike the phones Galaxy S10 and +Galaxy S10, which will come with curved screens of both parties. And now, here we are with a new report says that women in particular may include a screen size of 5 inch.

Since a long time we didn’t see Samsung issue smartphone classy with a screen size of 5.0 inches, but the report released today from South Korea indicates that one of the three versions of the Galaxy S10 will screen Infinity Display flat Size 5.0 inch.

It is unclear whether this version will feature the same technical specifications interior that will be included in the versions of others, but the report says that he would put only one camera in the back. It is estimated that the other editions are coming with dual camera and camera three.

It is estimated that the version that will have the camera of the tripartite will come with screen Infinity Display curved sides size of 6.44 inch, and if these allegations are true, you’ll be this is the largest screen used by Samsung in the phone belongs to the series phones Galaxy S Series. It is clear that it would not be the first smartphone from the South Korean company that features a screen this size, but it will be the first Samsung smartphone equipped with three cameras at the back.

Will not be a formal unveiling of the Galaxy S10 until next year, which means he would have to wait for a long time, which may result in a change in the plans of Samsung for the length of the development phase. Therefore, it is better to stay calm currently and not talk a lot, and deal with everything that has been said so far with extreme caution.



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