A new report suggests the abolition of the project to create a car self-driving by Apple

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As you all know probably, it has begun to Apple since the period of the development of the technology of self-driving. It has been rumored in the beginning that Apple is interested in making their own control, but recent reports suggest that the company is interested in technology, self-driving more than a car.

Apparently, this idea is gaining more support, the employees of KC Rajkumar and Jahanara Nissar of the institution of Lynx Equity Strategies are considered that because of the slowdown in sales of the iPhone, you may have Apple less money to be spent could be devoted to other projects, such as self-driving cars.

According to analysts, it has stated by saying : ” since over a month, we talked about reducing the expenditure of some non-core projects such as the project of self-driving. The latest investigations that we made after discussions at the center, leading us to believe that he may have been to cancel the entire project “.

It is true that the draft policy Apple self-driving sound like a solution to far-fetched, especially if we know that it is not marketed yet, but is it in Apple so bad they might have to cancel the entire project? It feels a bit exaggerated, so maybe it would be better to deal with the content of this report with the least amount of serious at the moment.

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