A new report suggests that the iPhone coming this year will adopt the standard WiFi 6

iPhone XR

Despite the fact that the iPhone XS don’t seem completely different compared with the iPhone X, but there are changes subtle by Apple on the phone its new flagship may not notice the other. For example, Apple has included three new technologies to receive the wireless signals, which are technologies that have improved the speed of LTE, according to the tests.

Now it seems that Apple intends to make improvements other hidden phones the new iPhone coming later this year, including adding WiFi to 6, at least that’s what he says analysts at the foundation of Barclays. According to these analysts, they say that the iPhone coming will pay the standard WiFi 6 latest. As you probably know, it has evolved standards of WiFi, but because the registration system of the user in the past, it has ended up to be more confusing than being useful.

Was announced standard WiFi 6 last year, and some of the changes and improvements that we can expect support speeds greater, greater range, increased amplitude, and reduce the period of response, as well as improve safety. One of the features of WiFi 6, ” time to wake up the target ” designed to help make gear WiFi in our devices smarter, where will when to sleep and when to wake up, and thus help your devices to avoid wasting the battery in case of non-use.

Assume that it is available to supports the phones iPhone the next standard of WiFi 6, although we also have to wonder if users will be able to really note the differences. In the meantime, while the iPhone coming later this year will support WiFi 6, Don’t expect them to support the 5G, it’s the phone Apple TV compatible this new generation of networking won’t arrive until 2020 at least.

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