A new report suggests release of the Mac Mini Pro later this year

Mac Mini

When it comes to computers professional Apple TV, it was limited options include the Mac Pro and MacBook Pro, but Apple expanded the list of options when he launched the iMac Pro, and now it looks like we may get a version Professional of Mac Mini later this year, at least according to a new report released recently from the website of Bloomberg.

Is not upgraded the Mac Mini in the past four years, and many are wondering whether Apple had abandoned the device and possibly eliminated. However, if the report by Bloomberg is accurate, it appears that Apple will try to revive it at some point later this year. Features and specifications Mac Mini Pro new, non-obvious currently, but if this was a device aimed at professional users, it is likely to include technical specifications strong and can make it more expensive compared to previous models.

For those who have not heard about a Mac Mini before, it’s basically a small computer size. Part of its appeal is its price, where it costs about $ 500, which makes it the cheapest computer from Apple. Will users need to provide their screen and keyboard of their own for use with this computer, but for flexibility, it allows users to assemble a computer running MacOS less than 1000 USD.

It will be interesting to see what kind of upgrade that will get your Mac Mini Pro, the amount of its cost. In addition to the Mac Mini Pro, it has reverb as well in the past and that Apple will be launching a new version of the MacBook with a 13 inch, is expected to be announced both in the same day.



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