A new report says that the company Sharp to produce OLED screens for phones iPhone future

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Chosen by Apple as a resource is a bargain. Given the millions of products that it sells, it means that the request of the corporate office will be in the millions also, and this in turn means a lot of money. Until now, Samsung has a monopoly on the production of OLED screens for phones the iPhone from Apple, but it seems that the company Sharp wants a piece of this cake too.

According to a new report released recently from the site DigiTimes, it seems that the company, Sharp is striving to be one of the companies that supply Apple with OLED for phones iPhone future. According to the report, the company has launched production line for OLED designed for smartphones, hoping to prove that it has the technology and facilities to help meet the needs of the Apple TV.

However, some might say that the current time is not suitable to buy the Sharp to provide Apple with OLED because of the fact that demand for the phones the iPhone has been declining in recent years. However, there are those who believe that the bad situation for Apple TV may soon end, and that things may go back again.

In fact, in the case if the rumors that we got last week is true, it is expected that Apple to move entirely to the OLED screens in the next year, which means that more phones iPhone, you will need to OLED screens more than ever before, so it seems understandable now why a company would want the Sharp to be among the companies that supply Apple with OLED display for its smart phones.

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