A new report says that the company Ring granted their employees full access to cameras of their customers

Ring Camera

Company Ring a well-known area door Smart know recently a lot of criticism after a report revealed from the newspaper The Intercept that the company gave employees full access to all automotive customers. This does not include only those cameras set in outside, but also that the cameras located inside customers ‘ homes as well.

The report indicated that the company has a team whose mission is to identify the things where the classification of things he sees as ” modern ” or ” speed ” or ” fire “. According to the press, it seems he didn’t see anyone going to use the footage that they could have access to it, but the fact that they are doing it’s disturbing, to some extent, in the first place, these devices are designed to help maintain the security and privacy of our, and this certainly is a flagrant violation of customer privacy.

It was also reported that the engineers Ring spied out on each other, where they later harassed each other on the dates that they arrived to their homes. It also seems that the easy access to cameras and all they need is the email address, which means that it will not be difficult for them to trade on occasion.

The company of the Ring since then, although on this report, while not specifically require the issue of staff who have direct access to cameras customers, they are stated by saying : ” We have strict policies for all members of our team. We use systems to restrict access to and verification of information. We expect our team members to talk to the level of high moral, and anyone who violates our policies with respect to The, including dismissal and legal sanctions and criminal liability. In addition, we’re not entertained with walking the use of our systems and if we find representatives of the police participated in this behavior, we will take quick action against them. “


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