A new report says that Google is working on a helmet independent augmented reality

Google Glass

If try Google to create a system of augmented reality is well documented. One of these attempts is the system of Google Glass that didn’t eventually turn into a commercial product. But it seems that Google Inc. can you try again, according to a new report released recently from the site WinFuture.

It seems that this website has succeeded in getting the levels indicate that the company Google is working with Taiwanese company Quanta on the helmet augmented reality download code name the A65. It is rumored that this helmet will have quad core processor Qualcomm QSC603, and will screen with a resolution of up to 1440×2560 pixels.

However, what is interesting in this report is that it indicates that this helmet resembles the helmet HoloLens, a subsidiary of Microsoft instead of Google Glass. In case you haven’t heard about the HoloLens from before, they are the helmet of reality mixed been made by Microsoft Corporation. Unlike virtual reality that puts the user in the environment is entirely virtual, or augmented reality that puts some of the elements of the virtual in the real world, the mixed reality mix it so that it merges the best of both worlds.

It is estimated that helmet augmented reality that is now being developed by the Google company will be independent, which means that it will not require pairing to another device, such as a computer. As you can expect, but Google has not yet commented on this report, so it is best to deal with everything that has been said so far with the least amount of protection, but given that the company has entered into the market of augmented reality and virtual reality, it is not surprising to hear now that the company is working on something new to do with it.


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