A new report reveals the potential price for iPhone the next three this year


One of the problems that has suffered a lot with the phone iPhone X is not the design or specification of the technique, but it was price prohibitive, which starts from 1000 USD. This has led to the emergence of several reports that the phone was not sold as the company hopes, but you can buy Apple to address this ” problem ” this year?

She said some of the reports that Apple could reduce the price and this is seems to be Local in Morgan Stanley believes. According to assess the new tee Katy Huberty of company Morgan Stanley, they revealed the potential price that can be priced Apple iPhones coming this year, and if it was accurate in its forecast, this may be good news for potential customers.

According to analyst Katy Huberty, she believes that the phone iPhone X coming this year with a 5.8-inch will be the price ranges between 800 and 900 us$, this price is lower by about 100 to 200 USD compared to the iPhone X that was released last year. And expects the same occupied also to cost iPhone with a 6.5-inch starting from $ 1000. Last but not least, expect the U.S. to cost iPhone and second-screen LCD with a size of 6.1-inch around $ 700 USD.

There have been reports saying that the iPhone screen LCD will be in fact the bulk of the sales of the iPhone this year. Assuming that it would be actually about $ 700 USD, it is not hard to imagine why. Anyway, this is just speculation at the moment, but we’ll have to wait until later this year before we get the official information.


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