A new report reveals additional information about the iOS system 12 next from Apple

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As usual, will Apple reveal the master copy coming from the iOS system which is supposed to bear the name of iOS 12 at its annual conference for developers WWDC 2018 to be held in the summer of this year in the hope that the final version is released of the iOS system 12 in the fall of this year with the iPhone new. And even then, it was today leaked some additional information about this new version of the iOS system.

In the last period, we heard that Apple decided to postpone some of the features of iOS 12 major until next year and instead focus on improving the performance, reliability and stability. However, there are some features that I decided to Apple not postponed until next year, and one of these features mention the ability to embed animated emoji ” Animoji ” in the video chats conducted via the service FaceTime.

As you probably know, the company Apple detects animated emoji ” Animoji ” late last year, when it detects the iPhone X. This new animated emoji are only available on the iPhone and X at the moment since they require a holographic camera TrueDepth to. Given that Animoji is one of the outstanding features in the iPhone X, have explained the report issued today from the site Bloomberg that Apple is planning to embed animated emoji Animoji in the feature FaceTime. Of course, this will allow users to use the meal virtual in video chats.

Moreover, the frequency also that the animated emoji Animoji will see their way also to tablet of iPad when will Apple issued a new iPad with a camera TrueDepth later this year. Apart from the animated emoji Animoji, it was explained the report released today also that the iOS system 12 will bring with it a new design to develop a tracking stock, as well as the update do not disturb mode ” Do Not Disturb ” which gives users more options to reject calls automatically, or mute notifications.

It is estimated that some features specially designed for the revelation of iPad has been postponed to 2019. This includes a feature that will enable users to run several windows in a single application with the possibility to navigate among them like tabs in the browser. It has been also postponed another feature allows users to open two fronts of the same app next to each other.

Of course, Apple did not confirm anything about the iOS system 12 so far, and is unlikely to do so until you officially declare this system at its annual conference for developers WWDC 2018.



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