A new report reveals additional details about the system MacOS 10.15 the next Apple TV


You can use the Smart Watch Apple Watch for making payments using the service Apple Pay. As for the authentication method, they are through the sensor heartbeat down the coast, and as long as the user enters the passcode of its own, and stayed the clock on his wrist, it is authentication to the payment process.

You can also use this smartwatch to help users of computers Mac to log on to computers of their own, allowing them to substitute to log in to by using the password or the sensor of the fingerprint Touch ID in new models of computers MacBook. According to Guilherme Rambo from the website 9to5Mac, it appears that Apple is seeking to expand the operations of the authentication using the Apple Watch system with MacOS 10.15 the next.

According to sources familiar with the process of the development of the major update coming for MacOS, it seems that Apple want to allow for the Smart Watch Apple Watch to authenticate users in the tasks of more than just log on to their devices. It is unclear what that could entail, but was told that it can authenticate to anything using the Smart Watch Apple Watch is the authentication you are currently using the sensor of the fingerprint Touch ID.

Is that supposed to mean that it can System provides MacOS 10.15 users to use Apple Pay on the web and log on to web sites etc. Regardless of this, it was speculated as well that Apple decided system with MacOS 10.15 New allow iPad to an external display. Overall, these are just rumors at the moment, so it is best to deal with the least amount of protection, but you should know everything in the conference of Apple’s annual developers WWDC 2019.


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