A new report reveals additional details about the speaker upcoming smartphone of Samsung


We’ve heard reports that Samsung is planning to launch a speaker intelligent voice powered by the digital assistant Bixby, but other than the fact that it will have the digital assistant Bixby, we don’t know much about it. But according to those in charge on the site of SamMobile, it appears that they have some additional details about the speaker upcoming smartphone from the South Korean company.

According to the report, it is reported that the speaker upcoming smartphone from Samsung will feature screens. This will allow users to interact with the speaker, such as passing a list of songs. He also says that he will Service musical Spotify, this means that users will be able to choose the service music of their favorite to listen to songs that they love. There will also be the ability to connect several one of With this device, similar to what we saw with the likes of Sonos and Apple HomePod.

It is also said that the smart speaker will allow users to modify the direction you want to route the audio to it. It is not clear how this would work, but it has been suggested to be the package radiosurgery for wifi one way, or perhaps use a sensor of infrared. Other than that, the rest of the speakers will work like normal speakers and the digital assistant Bixby as though it were running on a smartphone.

And, of course, remain things such as sound quality and price are the factors that affect whether a customer will want or not, so we believe that we will have to wait. Will not be announcing the date of the official disclosure about the speaker of the smartphone, but we wouldn’t be surprised in case if decided by company Samsung unveiled at the same event, which will be the company about the phone Galaxy Note 9, which we have heard recently that will be released on the ninth day of August next.


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