A new report is expected to reduce the rate of production of phones iPhone new more in the future

iPhone XS Max

Phones iPhone new from Apple brings with it all the features that it requires to consumers in phones and Apple TV, but despite that, it’s not like they get a lot of sales. According to analyst Jun Zhang Foundation Rosenblatt, specialized in market research, it is expected that Apple reduced the rate of production of phones iPhone new more in the future.

In fact, this is not the first time that we hear reports that Apple will reduce the pace of production of the iPhone because of poor sales. After all, why would Apple in the production of more units than is required, isn’t it? According to the latest analyst Jun Zhang, He is expected to reduce the rate of production by about 4 million units in the first quarter of 2019.

It seems that reducing the rate of production will affect more on the iPhone and XR so that will reduce the production of this phone is estimated at 2.5 million units, while you will be reducing the rate of production of the iPhone XS Max by about 500 thousand units. As the report indicates, the situation of Apple is aggravated more because of the Chinese companies that show support for domestic manufacturers like Huawei, which supports employees who buy phones Huawei instead of phones iPhone.

Thus, this reduction in the volume of sales is not because of the high price of phones iPhone new, but because of the support of Chinese companies for the products of local companies. I didn’t reveal to us Apple yet about the number of iPhones sold so far, but it seems they won’t do it anymore because they already hinted to that earlier this year, this means that we will have to wait until the financial report the following to the company to see how the company’s success in the smartphone market.

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