A new report hints that the process of development of LG G7 started again from scratch

LG G6 897

Said Vice President of LG company, Mr. Cho Sung-jin : ” we will be unveil new smart phones at present, but we will not ask her just because other players say so. “ After that, the official said anonymously from the company to Korea Herald that Mr. Cho Sung-jin asked from the team responsible for the development of the phone LG G7 start again from scratch.

It is likely to lead to the postponement of the operation of the official unveiling of this phone which was supposed to take place in the period between March and April. Will be choosing a new time frame at a later time, perhaps when the Lunar New Year ( February 16 ).

The struggling company to find a strong selling point for the phone LG G7, according to the claims of the internal from the company LG. There are also growing fears that this delay will also affect the next generation of a series of phones LG the V Series, which usually launches in the fall.

The company LG on new marketing strategies, according to the Public Relations Officer, commenting on the announcement, Mr. Cho Sung-jin at CES 2018. The vice-chairman of the Board of Directors that the company will retain the current models and unveil further models of the series G and V. therefore, may allow the flagship phone the next LG G7 after everything, but his Description and methodology of marketing is still under review by the new leadership of the company.


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