A new report hints that the iPad next will keep the port clear of the user fingerprint Touch ID

iPad Pro

Expected to reveal Apple unveiled a new iPad in the coming months, and now that there won’t be any surprises in the prevention side windows of heaven. The report claims the new iPad coming from the Apple will keep the port of heaven, the best fingerprint Touch ID built-in the main button.

The report of the city of the famous Japanese Macotakara says that the new iPad won’t get the cosmetic changes are great, he’s going to be the same design almost, so that will keep the port of heaven, the best fingerprint Touch ID.

Will follow Apple basically apply the same strategy that have been implemented with the iPad released last year. I didn’t bring any major changes compared with the previous model so that you keep the same screen of 9.7 inches, the same sensor fingerprint Touch ID, the same port the sky. However, it’s got stylus support Apple Pencil in addition to improving the internal components of the device, including the processor.

Cite this report, new information received from its supply chain for Apple, which says it is yet to determine the size of the screen of the new iPad but can be increased to 10 inches. Moreover, he is said to have been announced the model 2019 from the iPad to the side of the new model of the iPad Mini. Have indicated rumors of the former to the latter will remain similar in terms of design and models previous.

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