A new report highlights the launch date of the streaming service movies +Apple TV, the price of the monthly subscription


In the month of last March, Apple announced a service broadcast films and serials of their own, +Apple TV. I didn’t remember the police at the time as the service will be or when it will be launched, but now revealed to a new report from the news agency poor that the company may be aiming to launch this service in the month of November next has been the cost of 9.99 USD per month.

For US $ 9.99 per, It does not seem very expensive, especially when you consider the presence of services broadcast other content for the same price, if not more. However, we should also mention that the service +Apple TV will not be similar to services for streaming movies and other sitcoms. This is because in the beginning, you won’t have a huge library compared with most established companies such as Netflix.

Also, unlike broadcast services movies associated with other like +Disney, don’t enjoy your company Apple TV no movies or TV series Famous in its portfolio such as Disney or Star Wars or Marvel. The company was investing little in original content of its own, but it remains to be seen whether that content is good enough to compete with exclusive content available in the service competition.

We expect to have Apple more news to share in the events upcoming, such as happened to the official announcement of the iPhone that we’ve heard that he will be held in the month of September, so don’t forget to return to us in the coming days for more details.


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