A new report from leading analyst says that ” the worst will be over soon. ” for the sales of iPhone

iPhone XS Max

While the width of the analysts for their views and expectations on the sales of the iPhone, Apple has announced itself it will review its forecast and that made it seem as if the analysts forecast the former was correct and that sales of the iPhone is certainly not as it was before. But you can have analysts and experts in this sector is generally pessimistic.

This is what is considered the old Chinese Ming-Chi Kuo, in a research note new GoT site MacRumors, it seems that analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the bad situation will be over soon. According to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, he says : ” We are still expecting shipments of the iPhone for 188 to 192 million units in 2019. We believe that the risks of falling stock prices for Apple the supply chain of the iPhone is limited in the near term because of the shipments of iPhone in the second quarter of the year 2019 will probably be the best of the public peace “.

Among the reasons that led to low sales of the iPhone, we find the trade war ongoing between China and the United States of America. According to reports, this has made Chinese customers to boycott Apple products unofficially, as well as to provide some companies for incentives and subsidies for staff to buy products from local brands instead of the Apple TV.

Regarded analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that as long as the trade war between countries do not worsen, it is expected that we start seeing improved shipments of the Apple TV in the second half of this year, although it means that shipments will be flat compared with the second half of the year 2018. Of course, it remains to be seen whether these expectations will be achieved or not.

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