A new report confirms the cancellation of the project QoL have company Nintendo


The company was Nintendo suffer from financial losses successive in the period in which it sold the device to its household Wii U, and in that period decided the chief of police, the late “Satoru at” expansion and entering new markets: draft parks with the Universal company, put up the movies the personalities of the company and the intensification of own licenses, and also the draft of a party the Quality of Life.

The last project will not be light on what it looks like, where he confirmed a new report from Nikkie that the company has folded the page of this project completely and no longer exists, and the reason for that has been determined that the product did not exhibit the usual features of the company’s products. From our perspective, it seems the most realistic that the police no longer need him in the shadow of the great successes achieved by the Nintendo Switch with the return profitability of a company to numbers usual.

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