A new report confirms the advent of the processor Snapdragon 8150 on the fourth day of December next

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Yesterday, explained to us the Chinese warrior famous Ice Universe that Qualcomm is going to dislodge the curtain officially addressed the upcoming flagship which is supposed to protect the name of the Snapdragon 8150 at its annual conference, ” Qualcomm Tech Summit ” to be held on the fourth day of December next. Now, here we are with a new report confirms the same thing, it’s the other indicates that it will detect the processor Snapdragon 8150 at the conference scheduled for today, December 4, note that the Chinese police actually started to send invitations to some Chinese media to attend this event.

The support package that says Qualcomm sent to the media include a helmet Xiaomi VR you run neat video sends you to the island of Hawaii where the conference will be held. There is also a list of activities that will occur in the ” Maui ” note that the event will end on the seventh day of the month of December with a farewell party.


The support package also includes a paper written in Chinese the phrase ” dare to be first to experience 5G portable “. Projections indicate that the processor next flagship Qualcomm will take on the surname of the author of the three numbers 8xx and to four digits. It is estimated that this processor will feature eight cores in total, but it would have the composition we haven’t seen in processors Snapdragon flagship. Moreover, we have heard that it will have Processor Graphics the new Adreno 640, will be manufactured using the technology to 7 nanometers.



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