A new report confirms the advent of the graphics card the core Navi from AMD in the second quarter of this year


According to a new report from wccftech, the expected date of issuance of card fee size of 7 nm and core Navi new from AMD, it will be in the third quarter of the current year 2019 most likely.

And based on this report, AMD has informed its partners that they expect the issuance of the Navi after one month of the issuance of the processors Ryzen law, which is supposed to are available in the markets in the coming summer, and based on that, the third quarter seems likely, the issuance of the card to the Navi, and which may form the nucleus of a wizard graphic for the next generation of home from Sony and Microsoft.

AMD is working on this architecture for a long time, and we’ll see how the results will be if released right this year.

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