A new report confirms that the demand for diesel-powered cars in the case of low

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It is widely believed that electric cars will be part of our future, at least if we are to live in an eco-friendly society. But the question that arises now is Is there a demand for auto electric? The answer is yes, at least according to the International Energy Agency recently published a report on the energy outlook in the world.

According to the report, it has found the International Energy Agency ” International Energy Agency ” the demand for diesel-powered cars fall in the face of rising demand for electric cars. ” The use of Petroleum in cars will peak in 2020, but the petrochemical and trucks and planes and ships will continue their increasing demand for oil. Improvements in fuel efficiency in conventional cars lowers the potential demand by about three times from 3 million barrels per day and replacing it with a $ 300 million electric cars on public roads in the year 2040 “.

So far we’ve seen various efforts by governments around the world to encourage citizens to adopt environmentally friendly transport, such as the development on the taxes on electric and hybrid cars that are imposed usually on a normal car diesel-powered. As announced some countries like Spain they are planning to ban all cars that run on fuel and diesel by the year 2040.

As announced some countries like Singapore it will stop adding cars to the roads by the end of 2018, despite the fact that this is about more control of the crowd, but the availability of new cars at least on the roads has a positive effect. Even companies like Harley-Davidson announced its plans to move towards electric bikes.


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