A new report confirms that the card Radeon RX core Navi will be delayed to October


It was the company AMD has launched in a very limited, card graphic latest Radeon VII to be the first graphic card in the world size of 7 nm, although they do not carry new architectural. Well, AMD is working since quite some time on the new architectural whole was striped chest in the summer size of 7 nm and to architectural Polaris from the company.

Architecture Navi new will contain improvements in order to reduce power consumption and increase performance and are designed specially to target the nucleus of 7 nm, and is supposed to be the latest architecture from Nvidia is based in essence on the architecture GCN, which is used by AMD from the long years.

Today noted a new report from Cowcotland that the architecture of the Navi will be available since October and not summer as it was expected, and there seems to be problems related to production. Anyway, we keep waiting for an official announcement from AMD about the battery its new, and that may be the beating heart of the new generation of home appliances also.

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